Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Win a copy of WITHER and ARC of FEVER by Lauren DeStefano


Wither (The Chemical Garden Trilogy)In honor of author Lauren Destefano's 3,000th follower on Twitter, she is giving away an ARC of Wither, as well as (wait for it…) an ARC of its sequel, Fever. Fever is so brand new that it has not been printed. She has a word document open RIGHT NOW, at this VERY MOMENT, full of copyedits for Fever. Somewhere, in the magical building where books are printed, there is a chunk of space that WILL SOON BE OCCUPIED BY THESE ARCS! That is how early this giveaway is. Maybe there is an empty space in the mail truck that will soon be occupied by this ARC on its way to your house, if you are the lucky winner. Here is what you will get:

An ARC of Fever. As I just mentioned, these haven’t been printed yet, so there will be a wait before your winnings ship. When will Fever ARCs be printed? I don’t know, but, whenever it is, it will definitely be before the rest of the world gets to read this book.

An ARC of Wither. Now wait a minute, you’re saying. Why would I want an ARC of Wither when it’s already published?

Well I’ll tell ya! Lauren DeStefano will personalize this ARC. If you bid on her ebay auctions for charity a few months back, you know that she does full-service personalization. She'll sign it, write custom messages, sprinkle the pages with chocolate chips if you ask her to (although I don’t recommend that last thing). In her ebay auctions, someone asked her to draw a cat wielding a lightsaber, and SHE MADE THAT HAPPEN.

Now, I absolutely LOVED this book and the author has impressed me to the point that I will automatically pre-order all of her next books....so a tiny part of me doesn't want to share this contest with anyone, but the other part of me wants the world to fall in love with this series too!

How can you enter?
  • Step 1: Tweet, facebook, or blog a link to this giveaway
  • Step 2: Comment on Lauren's blog with a link to your post. If you mentioned it on twitter, facebook, and your blog, you can comment up to three times with a separate link to each mention. If you comment more than three times, the additional comments won’t be counted.
  • Step 3: Tell friends!

The winner will be chosen via a random number generator.

The giveaway will end at 12:01 AM on Tuesday, May 31st, with a winner being announced later that day.

Oh, and this giveaway is INTERNATIONAL! =D

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