Friday, June 10, 2011

I HATE blogger, I'm giving away ARC's and I'm going to Splash Town.:)

I have been in a reading frenzy for the past month. Between Book's picked up at the Teen Author Day at Romantic Times and my fairy godmother sending me books from BEA...well you get the point. Shall I show you? Yes. I think I will.

OMG!!!! Right? Yes, that is Bloodlines, Enthralled, Crossed and FOREVER! How bout them apples?

And I have read a bunch and guess what...THEY ARE AWESOME!!!

The problem with reading so many great books is when you have to stop to review them. *Sigh* Well, I had about 7 books read and I knew I needed to take the time to review them but, it's summer, and it's hot, and I just wanna read more......yeah, you get the point. Well, I finally sat down and knocked out a couple reviews for Paperback Dolls and then discovered today that BLOGGER HATES ME. It deleted 2 of my reviews that I worked hard on. *boo hoo hoo*. I know I know I know...I should have saved them in word but I didn't and I a little upset about it.


Anyway, I am done with messing around with reviews and posts for the day. I did manage to get my post for Favorite Boys of Teen Fiction for Paperback Dolls next week and GUESS WHAT...I am giving away a couple of my signed ARC's (One from BEA;). And now, I am taking my white, pale body to SPLASH TOWN! I am really excited. It's the first water park I have been to since I moved here. Hopefully I don't blind anyone with my whiteness--Hey, I'm an Irish redhead living amongst a bunch of tan Latinas...I have good reason to worry;)

Have a great weekend! 
Peace & Love

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