Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bringing back the 90's?

So...we are moving and it sucks. Not that I am overly attached to where we live, though I adore our backyard, it's just that watching the toll the past couple years has taken on my mom and dad only to move after everything is super depressing. Not knowing where we will live next is depressing too.:(

That being said, the move has given my mother the excuse to get rid of tons of stuff and go through the mystery boxes in the garage. What I have discovered is a goldmine of awesomeness! Though it pains me to admit it, my mom is one of the coolest and most stylin people I know. The proof is in the putting, or in my case the clothes!!!
My find in the Garage!

I am so sick of skinny jeans and the ultra 80's clothing that my age is wearing. I mean, it was cool for a while, but I'm kinda sick of it already. In my mothers boxes of circa 1990-1995 clothing I have decided that it is time the 90's make a comeback. Not totally grunge, but re-imagined grunge. Instead of super baggy jeans, I opt for slightly baggy 501's that are well worn and maybe adorned with embroidery and patches. Instead of safety pins and wannabe dog collars, I think pearls and scarfs will give a new vibe to the ensemble. And, instead of mid-drift tummy tops, I think a simple tank top is better and definitely more modern. Doc Martens...well...there is really no way to update a classic like doc's, but they are needed to complete the look in my mind.

Lately there have been some stars that have attempted to bring back the grunge 90's style, but for whatever reason they fail. Take Katie Holmes for example. She has the right idea but think she just isn't "cool enough" for my generation to really pay attention to what she wears. After all she is married to Tom Cruise and he is like my Dad's age *gag*.

So, I have decided to update my mother's 90's look and bring it into 2011 and make it my own. It will be youthful and cool with a grungy appeal, but also a girly quality. I think it is time to let go of the 80's and embrace the 90's. After all, lots of good things came from the nineties...Nirvana, Oasis, and me:)

The funny thing about my new inspiration is that a few years ago I "poo-poo'ed" ideas from the mid 90's. I used to be in a band and the guys always wanted to cover Green Day, Nirvana or Sound Garden. I always put up a fuss, but let's face it when you are the only girl in a band of boys, are gonna get out voted every time. Now i look back and think how stupid I was. *sigh* I guess this is the wisdom they say comes with least age is good for something!

Remember Me: Remember Me; The Return; The Last StoryThe book to complete my vintage vibe is Remember Me by Christopher Pike. I actually found my mom's 1989 paperback of this book (beat the heck up) in the garage. Pike was one of the teen horror writers of the 80's and 90's that had a load of titles. The Remember Me books are about Shari who is a ghost. She knows she is dead but instead of moving on she lingers in the real world trying to find her murderer. She isn't alone though, Shari finds another spirit of a boy that went to school with her that died before she was killed. Together they seek justice through unconventional methods. They spy on their friends that are still living and try to communicate with them. Basically, they go about it like teens would. The books were re-released 2010 in a Hardcover omnibus with the three stories all in one book. Pretty cool, huh?

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