Friday, March 25, 2011

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Sometimes having too many options isn't a good thing...

I think I have shared before how much I hate (and fear) being left out. I really can't stand the thought of missing out on all the fun, it is one of my greatest weaknesses and insecurities. But, what happens when three very different opportunities for fun come along and you can only choose one???

Case in point: This weekend I was invited to go camping with one of my BFF's. I really want to go and am super excited. I love camping, and going with this friend- it is bound to be uber fabulous- laugh a minute- good time. So what's the problem? Good Question. It should be a no brainer decision, but a couple curve balls got thrown my way.

Another friend (that I am hoping to get to know better but I enjoy hanging with all the same) invited me to go to the carnival. I LOVE CARNIVALS!!! Carnival food, like Carmel apples, corn dogs, cotton candy, roasted corn on the cob, strawberry crepes, Indian tacos...Oh and the rides! Can't forget about the rides, I love scary rides!!! Going to the carnival with a group of friends is totally my style of a good time, so you see, it's not such an easy choice to make between the two options-without adding another to the mix!

Option three is the emotion factor. A friend, that I used to be close with but not so much anymore, invited me to a movie and sleepover. A big part of me wants to go just to try to be better friends again, but the other part still feels uncomfortable spending that much time with her by myself. It might be a different story if there were other "buffer friends" that would be there to take the pressure off of me feeling like I had to act a certain way. It's tough because I am just starting to be friends with her again and don't want to hurt her feelings. do you see my dilemma? It's times like these when I actually appreciate having a parent that has the last word. As my mom so plainly put it "who asked you first? And, if you aren't comfortable going then that is your first clue that you probably shouldn't. Of course, you can always stay home and help move." That settled it for me folks. When all else fails sometimes my mom knows exactly what to say to either nudge me in the right direction or shine the light on the alternative.

Guess I'm going camping amigos!

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